Zol Finance

Why Zol Finance on Solana

Solana is a new and fast-growing blockchain. Solana’s transaction speed and low fees attract many new investors. For newcomers, there are many obstacles to entering the DeFi space. Zol Finance aims to take down those barriers by making every step more effortless with a one-click button (Zol-Switch). We also optimize yield through various strategies to bring investors the best yield possible.


  • Yield Optimizer: Users can choose from multiple strategies to achieve the highest yield. They can add LP tokens to our vault, which will automatically compound rewards every hour. They can also fully hedge their farm positions on other DeFi platforms.
  • Zol-Switch: A one-click button to deposit and withdraw assets to increase convenience. Users deposit USD-pegged stablecoin and select pools they want, and the Zol platform handles the rest for you (use USD to buy tokens, add liquidity, and auto compound rewards).
  • Community-Developed Strategies: Users can develop and deploy strategies to the Zol platform. Strategists can collect fees from users of their strategies.
  • Governance: The Zol platform will be fully governed by the community.
  • Lottery Program: Stakers of the ZOL token can participate in Zol’s monthly lottery program.

Value Accrual

(Platform fees are subject to change based on community governance)

  • Zol platform uses a profit-sharing model. 1% collected fee from user interaction will be deposited into the Zol vault. Users can stake their Zol token to earn platform fees.
  • 0.5% of the collected fee will be used to perform market buy-backs Zol token and send to burn address every hour.



Yield Optimizer: Auto Compound

Beta test in Testnet



Government Savings Bank’s Lottery

Mainnet Launch


Multi-strategy yield optimizer

Community-developed strategy yield optimizer





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